Tibetan film screened to mark PRC founding anniversary

A film featuring stories of Tibetan herders safeguarding the Chinese territory was screened on Chinese movie channel ...

News | 10.08.2019

King Gesar City officially opens in Garze, Sichuan

The opening ceremony for the King Gesar City and the village industrial base was held on September 16 in Garze County...

News | 09.30.2019

Sichuan Garze Gesar Airport officially opens

On September 16, the Garze Gesar Airport, which is the third plateau civilian airport at 4,068 meters high, also the ...

News | 09.30.2019


Tibet Stories


Naming a Tibetan serf after the founding of New China

Wang was born a serf in old Tibet's Nagqu. His parents, both beggars at the time, sent him t...